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Marie Claire Magazine, January 2017.

Think you need years of experience under your belt to become the boss? Think again…

Jasmin Robertson, 30, is the Director of gourmet food company, Roza’s Gourmet.

“Becoming a CEO was never something I’d planned to do. My mum set up Roza’s Gourmet when I was four, so it’s always been part of my life – but if I’d known that it would grow to the extent it has today, and that I would end up as the CEO, I would have been so overwhelmed!

“My mum passed away when I was 14, so my Dad and I looked after the business together. My passion was acting, but Dad advised me to do something that would guarantee me a career, so I did a business degree and landed a graduate position in a major firm. It didn’t last long – the corporate world wasn’t for me. So I quit and went back to uni to study acting, which was my passion. My father was dismayed at my choice and suggested I work in the business as a way to earn income while I studied, and allow him to retire.

“After a few years of trying to juggle both, I realised I was giving only 50 per cent attention to each. If I wanted results, I had to make a choice – and the business was an opportunity I had to take. I was 24 when I officially took over in 2011.”

Read more in the January edition of Marie Claire magazine.

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