My inspirational mum: CEO keeping family at heart of her business

Business View NAB Magazine, June 2018.

Roza’s Gourmet head Jasmin Robertson grew up immersed in her mum Roza’s sauces business. Though she passed away almost 17 years ago, her mum’s passionate food philosophies – and recipes – remain at the heart of the booming business. We spoke to Jasmin about her mother’s enduring business legacy.

As a child, Jasmin Robertson would sit with her mum Roza and their dogs under a beach umbrella at the bottom of their Brisbane home driveway selling the gourmet condiments Roza created in their kitchen to passers-by.

The mayonnaises, mustards and pesto were made from produce from their garden, eggs from their free-ranging chooks and honey from their own beehives – all packed in glass jars, finished off with ribbons tied by the young Jasmin.

“I did the ribbons because I had the smallest fingers,” Jasmin recalls. She’s now the CEO of Roza’s Gourmet, the fast-growing food business that’s evolved from the venture her late mother began as a hobby more than 25 years ago when Robertson was just four.

“We had a fairly substantial garden and she was looking for something to keep her busy. She noticed the traffic doing the scenic drive up the mountain where we lived and saw an opportunity to sell the things she loved to cook – wholesome healthy foods, made from natural, fresh ingredients.

“She was very creative in the kitchen and quite ahead of her time. I’m still explaining to customers what aioli is and she was making it 25 years ago!”

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