Our dips are so versatile! We love this scrumptious idea from Nutriscope Solutions, such an easy way to create a gourmet feast with our Chargrilled Capsicum Dip.

They shared, “We love the Chargrilled Capsicum Dip from Roza’s Gourmet, as it’s full of flavour and is incredibly versatile. Delicious with poached eggs, homemade baked beans or as the star ingredient in a sauce like we made for the below prawn pasta dish.

To make the below delicious sauce, mix 2 parts Roza’s Chargrilled Capsicum Dip, 1 part cream cheese and 1 part water. Add a little lemon, chilli and season to taste. The flavours work beautifully with prawns, chicken or simply vegetables tossed through pasta.”

What a perfect mid-week meal idea!

Prawn Pasta with Chargrilled Capsicum Dip

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